Cheapest Dyson Vacuum

You’ve heard time and again that you get what you pay for. You can buy the cheapest vacuum from your local mall or outlet store and the vacuum probably won’t last for many years. Or you can pick up the cheapest Dyson vacuum which is built to last with far better quality than other top brands on the market today.

Here you’ll find great deals on a wide selection of Dyson Vacuums and Parts.

The problem with other vacuums – the filters and bags are designed in such a way that dust and dirt ends up blocking the airflow, causing the vacuum to lose suction.

The one thing about a Dyson vacuum that is different from more traditional vacuums is that it cleans your carpets like it was brand new every time!

A Dyson vacuum does not lose suction and this is a huge advantage over other vacuums that may lose suction over time.  How many times do you have to vacuum over the same area because it’s not picking up hairs, dirt, etc? Let alone having to bend down and pick up the dirt yourself, possibly risking a back injury (maybe it’s heavy dirt) or whatever it is. This makes vacuuming easier

This Root Cyclone technology spins dirt and debris out of the air. This is the type of power you need that will suck up all kinds of dog hair without missing a beat. It’s like vacuuming with jet turbine engines.

This includes even the cheapest dyson vacuum, which spins the air at incredibly high speeds, causing dust and dirt toward bottom of the bin. One important note here is that the airflow remains clear no matter how much you pick up which is why the Dyson vacuum cleaner won’t lose suction. Once you go over an area there’s no need to revisit that area saving you loads of time so you can put the vacuum away and move on to other things on your “to do” list.

Reasons to pick up a Dyson vacuum:

-Asthma and allergy certified
-lightweight built for homes with pets who shed (and kids who spill things)
-Fits anywhere Storage
-Suitable for all levels of home

The Telescope reach wand function expands 17 feet and will save you from having to do some yoga to get nimble enough to reach for those hard to reach places or vacuuming up and down the stairs.

HEPA filtration for cleaner, expelled air Approved by the British allergy foundation

The air coming out of your vacuum has between 100-200 times less bacteria and mold than the other air in your home. This is great news if you suffer from indoor allergies, especially for those living with asthma.

Easy to use fingertip brush control

One feature that Dyson has that sets it apart from other vacuums is their steering mechanism, called ‘The Ball’

This provides quick and easy steering so you no longer will get frustrated when hitting into the side of furniture or the corner wall when trying to make a right turn. This makes vacuuming that much more efficient and fast and most of their uprights actually ride on a ball which gives fantastic turning abilities so as not to slow you down on your quest for cleanliness.

There are no extra costs as there is a lifetime washable filter and Dyson vacuums are bagless, meaning there are no replacement bags to buy saving you money and this far outweighs having to spend more on filters and maintenance from buying other cheaper vacuum brands.  They also empty quickly with the touch of a button and are Hygienic.

All Dyson vacuum cleaners come in packaging that is 100% recyclable. It makes it environmentally friendly.

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