Discover The Power Of The Dyson DC28

Of the all the vacuum cleaners in the marketplace, there is nothing that compares with Dyson DC28’s level of suction power. It is built using a Root Cyclone Technology, that will provide you with quick and effective results. The dc28 animal(no pun intended) works great for people who own pets(animals). In terms of safety, it was certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America for its high standards and safety measures. The Dyson DC28 animal vacuum has been around for many years and it is still on the top list of leading carpet/rug cleaners. As a homeowner who likes to have clean follow me around wherever I go, this is undoubtedly the wisest investment I could have made.

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DC28 has a built-in fingertip control setting that runs on autopilot. Its mini-turbine head sweeps and picks up dirt from tight areas like upholstery as well as stairways. The appliance literally draws out the airborne particulates most notably the fur from a person’s pet without leaving behind scuff marks on the surface. By using this Airmuscle Technology, the unit expels fresh air that contains up to a hundred and fifty times less bacteria. The canister is also covered with the very best quality host components to ensure that leaking will not occur.

The HEPA filter is also included which does come in handy for those asthma and allergy sufferers. As compared to bagged vacuums, this one does not require dust bags. The HEPA filter is washable and can last for a lifetime. The HEPA filter has the ability to trap 99.95 percent of dirt so you do not need to worry about the system clogging up.

With regard to the carpet cleaning performance, the unit features all kinds of options which can be used on all kinds of floor surfaces, some being, carpets and rugs. The 16-foot extension wand can easily extend in just a touch of a button. In contrast to other vacuum cleaner models, this particular one offers a much wider bin and is ideal for storing upto 5/8 gallon. Additional features include things like a thirty-five foot power cord, an on board tool storage, D-shape handle, as well as 245 air-watt motor unit. The Dyson DC28 is backed by a limited warranty that will last for five years.

Overall, this is an exceptional and powerful sucking machine. It gets high praise for its outstanding performance and durability. When checking out consumer reviews associated with this product on the internet, you will discover that the majority of comments are positive. With an average score of 5 out of 5, the unit definitely provides what it promises. For any person who really wants to control their dust bunnies, the dyson dc28 vacuum will do the trick. So if you would like to see dust, grime, dirt, allergens, etc. disappear, put on your magic hat and wave your wand and delight in the experience of real power of the Dyson DC28!

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